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Fast-casual restaurants are the fastest growing segment of the economy. In a busy world, people appreciate the benefits of eating out, and food that’s affordable, healthy, and quick is in high demand. Makss un Morics delivers on all counts, either its rain or snow. Every customer counts, that is our way of business.

Even with current economic pressures, Makss un Morics is growing and it is time for you to step in. We, who know how to satisfy each and every of our customers with fresh and tasty hot pizza will help you to achieve your business goals.

Why us you would think. Its easy. Us, who acknowledges east european cuisine legacy passed down to generations will help you to understand how to satisfy our local customers by giving them what they desire the most.

„Force, that can’t be seen in a drop, becomes great and strong as a whole” J.Rainis
More information- info@makssunmorics.lv 

Biķernieku iela 57 | 20003737

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